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We are a young company who focuses primarily on solutions for the fields of occupational safety for mobile work equipment, as well as special technical solutions for in-house logistics.
Before the two of us – Uwe Weiner and Oliver Schröter – established the company in January 2001, we were dedicated to various research projects in the Product Engineering department of the Gerhard-Mercator University in Duisburg that dealt with the events and situations that lead to accidents with mobile work equipment. Our research focused on reducing dangers in the workplace in order to prevent serious and often fatal occupational accidents from occurring. The insights we gained during this research are reflected in the design of our PilotProtector restraining system.
Since February 2001, we have been marketing our PilotProtector restraining system in many different alternatives designed to fit a large number of forklift models. In the meantime, our product line has been expanded to 500 variations for more than 2,500 forklift models from leading manufacturers.
In the year 2003, we entered into a cooperation with the “Großhandels- und Lagerei Berufsgenossenschaft (GroLa BG)” [Professional Insurance Association for Wholesale Trade and Warehouses] with the goal of developing the Pallet Turning Device. In the fall of 2005, the first fully functional special vehicle was able to be presented to the public at the CeMAT fair in Hannover, and at the A+A fair in Düsseldorf.
And the success story continues – as recognised experts, we also hold seminars on occupational safety, and we are cooperative partners to many companies, professional insurance associations and universities.  
But above all, we have earned an excellent reputation throughout Germany and Europe as a company that uncompromisingly continues to develop its line of products – and also always takes the newest statutory and economic requirements of its customers into account.
A genuine success story – made in Germany.
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