Very few companies and drivers are aware of the dangers involved with tip-over accidents when operating a forklift. To increase awareness for these dangers, we have compiled the compendium titled “Safety for the Driver,” and produced a training video with the same title.
The training video demonstrates restraining systems for forklift operators and it is an indispensable supplement for operator training, as well as when instructing personnel in facility operations or for follow-up training. The video vividly illustrates the most common cause of fatal accidents – the vehicle tips over to the side. It also presents useful technical solutions for operator safety in actual practice. Film sequences of experiments clearly illustrate both the fatal dangers of tip-over accidents, and the necessity for and effectiveness of restraining systems.  
The compendium provides basic information on restraining systems, and it deals with questions such as:
  • What kinds of vehicles must be equipped with a retaining system?
  • What driving situations can lead to a tip-over accident?
  • What do accident statistics show?
  • How do the most popular retaining systems work?
The compendium can therefore provide important information that may help you when choosing a forklift operator restraining system
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