pallet turning device
The Pallet Turning Device does more than just improve work conditions for order pickers, it also helps to increase productivity.
Video and timing analyses of picking work in traditional consignment warehouses with static provision, one-dimensional movement, manual picking and centralised delivery show that by placing the goods optimally at the front of the pallet, where they are well within the picker’s natural reach, picking times can be reduced by an average of 27%.
Preliminary studies have shown that turning requires only about 45 sec. per pallet, and that one operator can turn from 250 to 300 pallets per work shift. Experiments conducted so far have shown that when using the Pallet Turning Device, an overall time savings of up to 6.3% can be achieved for the entire order picking process.
GroLa BG is conducting ergonomics studies to determine the benefits the new work conditions will have for order pickers. These studies should make it possible to determine the degree to which the picker’s work has become easier.
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